Gospel Community forming, planning & living

Gospel community foundations study
Gospel | identity | life | Rhythm

We are conceived in the church and called to live together. 

Sent together:
how the gospel sends leaders to start missional communities

A field guide for leaders and training guide for those called to start missional communities.

multiply together:
a guide to sending and coaching missional communities

Offers the leaders of leaders and the overseers of communities the theological vision, practical wisdom, and stories of how to coach and support a movement of gospel-centred communities on mission.

GC Leader pack
Becoming a gc leader and starting a gc

What is a GC Leader, Role, Practices, Time, Qualifications, Process, Theological Clarity, Assessment, Development, First 6 Months.

Called Together:
A guide to forming missional communities

Filled with practical guidance for leaders and everyday people, it will guide you into a deeper and more deliberate experience of being the church together.

How to design a gospel community

Defining Church, creating family and equipping your GC for mission.

Gospel Community Leaders' Field Guide

Missional (Gospel) Community Leaders’ Field Guide – Soma Australia Version.

Gospel Community Pillars

8 essential pillars for leading a Gospel Community

Loving one another

A list of ways to love each other in community, based on scripture.

Flourishing in the missionary identity

Prayer-centred, Christ-centred & God-centred mission.

Flourishing in the family identity

Vital characteristics of family in God’s kingdom.

Mission Planning Sheet

Think through your mission idea simply and clearly.

DNA - discover, nurture, act

DNA Guide

DNA Guide – This guide is Anchor Church’s version of the Soma DNA Guide. It’s designed to help equip every person who is committed to a DNA group (or Gospel Triplet) with the basics of ’gospel shepherding’.

dna booklet

DNA Booklet – This is the shortened version of the DNA Guide, also by Anchor Church.

Bible studies

How Jesus creates a new people in a new world

How we are God's mission while on god's mission


The Jesus storybook bible

The multiple award-winning Jesus Storybook Bible tells the Story beneath all the stories in the Bible. It takes the whole Bible to tell this Story.

Story of God for Kids

Ages 6 and up

Sermon guides

soma basics booklet

Follow along with the Sermon series, ‘Soma Basics’ 2021.


Enjoying God
Experience the power and love of God in everyday life

being disciples of jesus in the everyday stuff of life

gospel fluency
Speaking the truths of jesus into the everyday stuff of life