Gospel Community forming, planning & living

Called Together:
A guide to forming missional communities

Filled with practical guidance for leaders and everyday people, it will guide you into a deeper and more deliberate experience of being the church together.

Sent together:
how the gospel sends leaders to start missional communities

A field guide for leaders and training guide for those called to start missional communities.

multiply together:
a guide to sending and coaching missional communities

Offers the leaders of leaders and the overseers of communities the theological vision, practical wisdom, and stories of how to coach and support a movement of gospel-centred communities on mission.

Gospel Community Pillars

8 essential pillars for leading a Gospel Community

Mission Planning Sheet

Think through your mission idea simply and clearly.

How to design a gospel community

Defining Church, creating family and equipping your GC for mission.

Gospel Community Leaders' Field Guide

Missional (Gospel) Community Leaders’ Field Guide – Soma Australia Version.

Flourishing in the family identity

Vital characteristics of family in God’s kingdom.

Loving one another

A list of ways to love each other in community, based on scripture.

Flourishing in the missionary identity

Prayer-centred, Christ-centred & God-centred mission.

Bible studies

How Jesus creates a new people in a new world

How we are God's mission while on god's mission


The Jesus storybook bible

The multiple award-winning Jesus Storybook Bible tells the Story beneath all the stories in the Bible. It takes the whole Bible to tell this Story.

Story of God for Kids

Ages 6 and up

Sermon guides

soma basics booklet

Follow along with the Sermon series, ‘Soma Basics’ 2021.


Enjoying God
Experience the power and love of God in everyday life