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Engaging Kids In Gospel Communites

How Gospel Community Life Can Work With Your Own Family Life

Spiritual Life Together As A Nuclear Family (Including Sabbath)

Gospel Community forming, planning & living

Living in god's story
Mark Galpin

Looking at the overarching story of the Bible, Mark Galpin demonstrates the inter-connectedness of the whole of Scripture from Genesis to Revelation and the holistic and integral nature of the mission of God.

Step into God's story
The whole story - handbook

This is a pause button on the treadmill of the everyday. This is a portal into an ancient time. This is an opportunity to re-enter your own world with an entirely new perspective. This is a STORY EXPERIENCE.

Gospel community foundations study
Gospel | identity | life | Rhythms

We are conceived in the church and called to live together. 

updated version

GC Leader pack
Becoming a gc leader and starting a gc

What is a GC leader? Role, practices, time, qualifications, process, theological clarity, assessment, development, first 6 months.

Called Together:
A guide to forming missional communities

Filled with practical guidance for leaders and everyday people, it will guide you into a deeper and more deliberate experience of being the church together.

Sent together:
how the gospel sends leaders to start missional communities

A field guide for leaders and training guide for those called to start missional communities.

multiply together:
a guide to sending and coaching missional communities

Offers the leaders of leaders and the overseers of communities the theological vision, practical wisdom, and stories of how to coach and support a movement of gospel-centred communities on mission.

soma life
2012 | 2022

We put this book together to celebrate our tenth anniversary as a church. We’re paying homage to the original Soma Life pages from Soma Tacoma, which is in the Pacific NW of the USA. Those pages meant so much to us ten years ago and inspired us to start Soma Blue Mountains.