2024 The Church in the Power of the Spirit

Daily Bible Reading

Here’s the simple invitation, as we start this new year, we want to read through the New Testament and pray through the Psalms together. Journeying through the text as family, grappling with the same passages, asking questions and being drawn into a daily encounter with Jesus. Each day, we want to set aside our best time to immerse ourselves in the text so we might live out the story of God in our city.

We want to carve out space to breathe in the truth of what God says over us, letting his voice be the most formative voice in our lives. Rather than eating the bread of anxious toil as the Psalmist says, we want to eat the bread that truly satisfies.

So let’s open up the scriptures together, devour it, devote our day to God and press on, expectant that we’ll be changed, challenged and transformed as we live in and live out the story of God.

daily readings booklet

Evangelism Training

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