Who are we?


To see every man, woman and child have a daily encounter with Jesus through word and deed. Gospel saturation.

We want every man, woman, and child in the Blue Mountains to encounter Jesus Christ through communities of Christians who follow him in the everyday, intentionally discipling one another, and going out to people, exhibiting Christ’s love, and speaking his gospel in the places where people are, and in the activities people are involved in. We believe missional communities are an incredibly powerful way of seeing this happen.

Key resource people:

Gospel Community Leaders 
On Belay GC (Springwood) – James & Hannah Coomer, Chris & Maz McEwan
Florabella GC (Hazelbrook – Katoomba) – Liam & Jenny Denny, Dan & Min Coleman
Feast GC (Springwood – Woodford) – Toby & Annie Dedden, Rhys & Emily Dane
The Millennial Falcons (Blaxland – Springwood) – Tim & Hope FoskettRo & Anita Miles, Cameron & Chanelle Henderson
Sun Valley GC (Sun Valley – Little Hartley) – Dan & Mel Jackson, Paul & Steph Martyn
Venture GC (Blaxland) – Jeff & Claire Meijnderts, Bruce & Sue Coomer, Geeta 
Renew GC (Blaxland) – Jim & Venessa Perrett
Riverview GC (Blaxland – Mt Riverview) – Tim & Katie Small
Olive Tree GC (Valley Heights) – Stuart & Marion Brooking
Banksia GC (Warrimoo – Lawson) – Lachlan & Rosie Price

Staff – Dave Miles, Toby Dedden, Tim Foskett, Cameron Henderson & Annie Dedden

Pastoral Care TeamDave Miles, Anita Miles, Hope Foskett, Marion Brooking & Toby Dedden

Elders (pictured) – Dave Miles & Stuart Brooking

Committee – Soma Inc and Soma Committee are the operational side of our church. We invite all members of our church to be members of Soma Inc, but we recognise this is for people who like talking about policy, finances, and management. We have averaged about 20 members of Soma Inc. From that group we vote in a committee each year – consisting of a chairman, vice chairman, treasurer, secretary and 2-4 others. The senior pastor is ex-officio. The mood is we don’t want to deal with what the pastoral staff and elders are responsible for. We do want to  make sure we are compliant with child safety guidelines, and that we have adequate insurance, careful budgeting, proper processes for hiring staff and so on. We also like to avoid group-think by encouraging different opinions. Current Committee:

Stuart Brooking (Chairman), Tim Small (Treasurer), David Miles, Leone Read, Anita Miles (Deputy Chair), Josh Orr, Dan Jackson & Nick Ryan

Child Protection – Leone Read, Annie Dedden

Workplace Health & Safety – David Miles

Kids – Annie Dedden, Dan Jackson, Lyndall Orr & Katie Small

Website Photography – Hadley England, Ro & Anita Miles, Lisa Grant & Dan Coleman         

Meet our staff

David Miles
Lead Pastor

Dave planted Soma Blue Mountains in 2012, with a large team. He then was the key driver in starting an Australian Soma movement. His role is the oversight of our church, and he’s also leading Soma Australia. Married to Glenda, they have 4 children and 9 grandchildren. He has degrees in Architecture (BScArch) and Theology (B.Th).

Toby Dedden
Assistant Pastor

Toby is the 4pm Gathering pastor and Gospel Community coordinator. Toby has a heart, both to see people come to know Jesus and to see followers of Jesus live out their missional identity in Christ. Married to Annie, they have 2 children Alba (4) and Tigris (2).

Cameron Henderson
Creative Catalyst

Tim Foskett
Morning gathering pastor

Tim became a Christian in his early 20’s after a long walk one night thinking about the purpose of life. He worked as a high school English and History teacher before completing a theological degree at Sydney Missionary Bible College. Since finishing his studies, Tim has worked at Miranda Congregational Church and then at Establish Church, a church plant in the Sutherland Shire. Since 2018 he has also been working part-time for the Fellowship of Congregational Churches, helping to facilitate training and vision within the network. For Soma Blue Mountains Tim has oversight over the morning gathering. Tim is married to Hope, is a gifted musician and can be found jamming out on his guitar and bass. He also loves to read fiction, watch Arsenal FC win football matches, and catching up with people over a batch-brew.</ >

Annie Dedden

Annie loves using her administrative gifting to help organise and equip Soma Blue Mountains. She’s also on the pastoral care team and co-leads a gospel community. Annie is passionate about seeing all people grow in their love for and discipleship to Jesus in the every day. Married to Toby, they have 2 children Alba (4) and Tigris (2).

Hope Foskett
Soma australia administrator

Hope was part of the team that planted Soma Blue Mountains in 2012 before  journeying to the US to pursue further training with Soma Tacoma (2013) and Soma Spokane (2016). She’s earned degrees in Art History, Teaching and Theology. Hope was also part of the launch team of Anchor Church Sydney before joining their staff in 2016, serving with teams, training and discipling women. She is passionate about using her gifts to help people grow in their understanding of the gospel and is excited about equipping the church across Australia through her role with Soma Australia. She is married to Tim, enjoys walks in nature, her side-hustle as a make-up artist, and reading in good cafes.

Our Story

Our church started with a dream – the dream of becoming a truly missional church. We wanted to be a church not just for ourselves but for those around us, so that God would be glorified. We had a sense that, ‘This can’t be all there is in the Christian life.’ We were yearning for something better, something more. 

We realised that many Christians share this dream. We hear about the early church in Acts 2. They were devoted to the apostles’ teaching, to fellowship and prayer and to eating in one another’s homes throughout the week. They were devoted to sharing all things in common and God added to their numbers daily those who were being saved… We hear that and think, ’Could we be a bit more like that? Could we experience more of that?’

So what happened was, we set out to see if we could discover a better way to be a church on mission. We didn’t know what that would look like or how that could happen. We were simply saying, ‘Jesus show us.’ We were also saying, ‘Let’s pursue this together?’ 

So we started with a large team of people and we set out on this journey. We began Soma Blue Mountains … and then Soma Australia … and we discovered that this is something that is bubbling up all over the world!

This is what we discovered:


We came to believe that above all else, we had to be absolutely centred on Jesus and the Gospel. We wanted to worship him by imitating his life and ministry. We realised that both our theology and practice should be relentlessly Christ-centred. He’s our model, mentor, hero, Mediator, Saviour, Judge, King and Ruler of All. He’s our everything! All of our values flow from what we understand about his character, concerns, and the shape of his mission.

Gospel Communities on Mission

We came to believe that the most potent way of being church was very small. ‘The church released’ – not a big gathering where people come and watch one person – with many centrally organised programs to attend. There’s a place for that, and God uses that, but we believed Jesus was calling us to something different – something radically different in terms of releasing and empowering people.

We got excited about this idea of small micro-churches, called ’Gospel Communities.’ A group of people who worship and follow Jesus together – who give themselves to Jesus as the leader of their lives and have deep relational community with each other. A collection of people who are committed to the mission of God together in one form or another. That’s church in its most basic and potent form.

We said, what if we started forming these, inspiring these, and then serving these small ‘micro churches’ on mission… and saying, ‘We’ll just be a family of those.’ The heart behind this is what we wanted to release… we wanted to release the most powerful form of the church, the most relational form of church, the most transformative form of the church… which is this small version of the church.

Bigger Community

Thirdly, we didn’t want to give up all the advantages of being a part of a bigger community. I mean, if you look at churches with 200 or more, they have a lot of money to work with, because they work together. They have things like facilities and theologically trained staff. One tiny micro church can’t provide all those resources.

So we though, ’We want both. We want to be part of both worlds.’ We want the advantage and strength of these small micro communities as an expression of church but we also wanted to be a part of a bigger family, where we get things that we need (like facilities). A church where we co-opt together to get things that we couldn’t otherwise have… funding, that kind of thing.

Everyone Gets to Play

So we’re supportive of the traditional church. And at the same time we’re a bit of a critique of the church as spectacle; as a thing that people just watch. We’re a critique of the church being a thing that others organise and we just attend – or serve on a roster. 

We took on the motto of, ‘We don’t just go to church, we are the church.’ If you’re part of Soma, hopefully it’s because you want to play. It’s because you want to get in the game. Church is ultimately not just something you attend. Church is a living community in a dynamic relationship with God, led by him into a watching, dying, needy, broken world, called to heal, to change, to redeem with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

That’s what we are trying to do – to empower, equip, and send people out to be the church among every pocket of people that we can work among… where everyone is an active part of that.

What we’ve discovered is: our version of church is hard… our way of doing it is harder… but it’s beautiful and it’s worth it!

Complaints Mechanism

If you have an issue with something… obviously talk to the people involved where appropriate… but apart from that…

  • First port of call would be your GC leaders. If it’s dealt with there – great – if not…
  • Go to an elder (Dave Miles and Stuart Brooking), pastor (Toby Dedden, Tim Foskett) or someone on the pastoral care team (Hope Miles, Marion Brooking, Anita Miles)
  • If it is still unresolved… Go to Brad Watson, Soma Global Areas Leadership Team… Or go to one of the National Leadership team (apart from David Miles) – Stephen Tan,… or another Soma Australia pastor…