Gospel Communities

Gospel Communities (or Missional Communities) are the primary way we as Soma, scatter during the week. They are communities of Christians on mission with God, depending on the Spirit, showing and sharing the gospel of Jesus among a specific pocket of people.

Each Community has 3 aspects:

  • Family – We live alongside each other. We share meals, resources, joy and hardships while we care for one another as the family of God.
  • Missionaries – We pursue active ways to publicly live out our faith, share the gospel and tangibly embody the kingdom of God in our communities.
  • Disciples – We actively encourage each other in the study of Scripture, learning the teachings of Jesus, becoming more like him, and living as his disciples in the world.  

DNA Groups

A DNA Group is a smaller group of three or four believers of the same gender who commit to meeting outside the large group meeting time. This is the place to study the Bible and be known deeply by one another.

DNA’s are simple. You’re going to do three things every week:


Each person shares what they have heard from God in His scriptures and from His Spirit through the past week. Then each person shares about how they can obey what they have learned from the Bible.


Each person spends time repenting of their sin; sharing how they have sinned against God in the past week. Following this, each person spends time speaking out loud to themselves – and to one another – the good news of Jesus’ work for us. Hearing the gospel spoken out loud enables us to believe.


During a DNA time, consider opportunities to live out what you have studied. Also talk about how your relationship and spiritual conversations have gone in the past week or two with your non-believing friends. Share how you plan to weave this person into your community. Then pray for them by name for God to save them.


DNA Guide – This guide is Anchor Church’s version of the Soma DNA Guide. It’s designed to help equip every person who is committed to a DNA group (or Gospel Triplet) with the basics of ’gospel shepherding’. 

dna guide (anchor)

DNA Booklet
 – This is the shortened version of the DNA Guide, also by Anchor Church.

dna booklet (anchor)

Find a Gospel community

We currently have 9 Gospel Communities spread across the Blue Mountains. Here’s a bit about each of them and what they might get up to. Get in touch if you’d like to join one of them.


Lemongrove GC

Enjoying showing and sharing God’s love through relationships, particularly around the lower Mtns & Penrith.

Bonton GC

Love to bless one another and neighbours around the lower Mtns & Yarramundi, especially through good food.

On Belay GC

Stoked on climbing indoors and outdoors, aiming to be a blessing those at the crag.

Sun Valley GC

Share home-grown food and love to honour God with their gardens, meals, home-schooling and work.

Spurwood GC

Learning to follow Jesus in the every day stuff of life, particularly raising kids, brewing beer and running.

Sassafras GC

Loving the mid-lower Mtns, skating, growing food, making coffee, drinking coffee, raising kids and learning to seek God’s kingdom first.

Grace GC

Have a special heart for adoring and giving glory to God through the wonder of creation.

Florabella GC

Spanning the mid-upper Mtns, seeking to show and share God’s love through all things creative.

Springwood GC

Newly formed, they enjoy unity in Christ, sharing that with others through hospitality, creativity and imagination.