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7. How will God save the world? (Covenant)

August 3, 2017

This is the seventh small group study for the Christianity series (by Dave Miles).

Theme: God’s covenant with Abraham... for the whole world

The bible starts amazingly – Genesis 1 and 2 start wonderfully. And then Genesis chapters 3 to 11… it all comes spiralling down. And we’re wondering, ‘God, how are you going to redeem all this?’ The answer is, from Genesis 12 onwards… God is going to redeem the world through Abraham and his family Israel. So in this study, we’re going to go through the whole story of Abraham and Israel, from Genesis 12 to the end of the Old Testament.

Read Genesis 12:1-9

1. What does God promise Abram in these verses?

2. How do God’s promises to Abram reflect a return to the good creation of Genesis 1-2?


Read Genesis 15

3. God repeats his promises to Abram. What new things do we discover about God and Abram in chapter 15

4. What does God’s covenant with Abraham mean? What is a covenant?


Timeline of the whole Old Testament

5. The rest of the Old Testament details the history of Abraham’s family, Israel. Make a time-line putting in the key events at each stage. Especially taking note of the progress of the 4 themes of Genesis 12:1-3…

  • promised land
  • great nation
  • God’s presence
  • the world blessed through them


6. What do we discover about God and Abraham through all this history?

7. How is God’s covenant renewed through Jesus?

8. Looking at the whole long story of God's faithfulness to the world through Israel... what strikes you? What questions do you have? What excites you? What lessons do you draw from it?