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2. How can we know God? (Revelation)

June 4, 2017

This is the second small group study for the Christianity series (By Stuart Brooking).

1. In the Big group

  • Read 1 Samuel 3:1-10.
  • Why is Samuel unable to hear at first?
  • What role does Eli, his mentor have?
  • What might Samuel’s response to God in verse 10 mean for Samuel? For God?
  • Pray that you would have that attitude shown in verse 10.

2. Break into groups of 4-6 people

  • Pick any 8 verse section of Psalm 119 (in the Hebrew each verse in the section starts with the same letter) and read together.
  • What does it say about God/God’s word/our response?
  • Crystallise your ideas into a handful of points to share with the big group. (Choose a rep to share on your group’s behalf.)

3. In the big group

  • Share what you learnt from your section of Ps 119.
  • Enjoy two minutes of silence to reflect on what you have heard. What especially applies to you?
  • Pray about these matters for you, and/or generally.

4. In small groups

  • What things might stop us from listening to God in our own life? What can we do about that?
  • Share about one or two times when a brother or sister in the Lord has said something that has helped you to know God better.
  • Was it obviously ‘from the Lord’ or did you have to spend time analysing it?
  • How did this help ‘your story’ align more with ‘God’s story’?
  • Give thanks for God speaking to you.

5. By yourself

  • Think of someone not in the big group that you have been praying for lately (or just think of someone now). Pray for God to give you a word of encouragement for them and what that might be? Maybe something generic. Maybe specific.
  • Send a text message (or write a letter/card or email) to that person to encourage them right now.

6. In small groups

  • Reflect on this night’s study. What is one thing has stood out to you about God’s revelation and your response?
  • Pray.